First post

May 8, 2007 at 4:04 pm (Active Directory, Exchange, Microsoft, Networking, Sysadmin, Tech)

Welcome gentle readers,

This is my first wordpress blog, and the first time I’ve done something that could be considered a “professional blog”, at least in the sense that this is about my Professional life, not in the sense that I’m a professional blogger (I’m certainly not).

I’ve been a ravenous tech-blog consumer for years now and have learned so much from the various authors who take the time and effort to share their knowledge through their blogs. I decided it would be time to give something back by sharing some of the tools, tricks and insights I happen to come across in my day-to-day life.

Let me start by telling you all a little something about my techie background. I’m no world-renowned expert on anything, I’m no Microsoft MVP or Cisco CCIE (yet), I don’t work for some exciting cutting-edge Silicon Valley company or hold a PhD in Computer Science.

I’m just a rather typical computer geek, the kind of kid who grew up loving computers, from my commodore 64, through various other systems that came and vent until I got on the PC bandwagon and got into Networking.

In my career I’ve done end-user Tech support for both Hardware and software, IT Helpdesk for a number of large companies, Desktop support and Systems Administration. Currently my official title is “Systems Support specialist” for a small company you’ve never heard of. In reality this means I’m a “Generalist”, the guy who deals with anything that’s even remotely connected to computers, phones, printers and other technomalgical thingies.

We have about 100 end-users all using WIndows XP and about 20 servers running Windows Server 2003. Basically I handle All end user support, Active Directory, Exchange, our Routing and switching, some SQL and our Avaya PBX system. It’s a fun job, and immensely challenging, I like the people I work with and for, and overall I’m very happy with my job. However, like any tech job I occasionally run into issues and problems that can be frustrating, annoying or downright maddening. My hope for this blog is to share with others some of the solutions I’ve come across, and to provide some helpful links to sites, blogs and people I’ve found helpful.


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