All about me, me, ME!

 My name:
My name is Kjell Andorsen, in case you have no idea how to pronounce my first name, don’t feel bad, few people outside of Scandinavia do. Since I moved to the US in the spring of 99 I’ve gotten used to being called Kayjell, Kahjell, Kiell, Kell or just “hey you”. Many Scandinavian names start  with Kj, and through an ancient Norse feat of pronounciation magic developed by long-forgotten Rune casters the sound represented by these letters most closely resembles the “Sh” sound in English. So if you ever meet some wayward Scandinavian named Kjell, Kjartan, Kjetil or any other weird Kj name, just substitute the letters Sh for the Kj and you should have a pretty accurate pronunciation. So in short, you can call me Shell.

My job:

These days the IT industry seems all about specialization. Specialization is not a necessarily bad thing, in today’s large corporate environment with a staggering variety of different technologies, products and vendors it’s almost a necessity. No-one alive has the ability to be an expert at EVERYTHING in the vast field of IT. But even so, one of the drawbacks of this increased specialization is that often specialists lose sight of the bigger picture. Everyone is so focused on their particular piece of the puzzle, and fail to see how it all fits together. This is why I think there’s still room for the IT generalist. The “Jack of all trades” so to speak.

Generalists are often found in smaller companies that can’t afford a large IT staff, and while the Networks and Systems they’re responsible for may be less complex than those seen in larger outfits, they in turn have to be able to work with a far larger selection of different technologies than your typical specialist.

In my job I have to handle everything from Desktop Support to Managing our Network infrastructure, taking care of all our servers, Administering Active directory and Exchange. Keeping our phone system up and running, taking care of Network security and dealing with Vendors to handle all sorts of purchasing, leasing and licensing. It’s a challenge, but it never gets boring and I work with some great people.

I decided to create this blog to help and share with people in similar situations. I will be posting my own experiences, as well as links to other blogs and resources that I’ve found useful. Hope you will enjoy reading


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