WSUS 3.0

May 9, 2007 at 8:19 am (Active Directory, Microsoft, Sysadmin, WSUS)

Aaaah, the second Wednesday of the month…The day after Microsoft Patch Tuesday…..The day I get to spend testing and deploying all the new critical little patches and fixes Microsoft has released for it’s multitude of products.

Like most smaller Windows shops we used Microsoft’s Windows Server update services (WSUS) to manage our Microsoft automatic updates. This allows us to download all the updates through a synchronization process to our server, then selectivly deploy these patches to the systems that require them. This technology goes back quite aways and is one of my favorite MS products, especially considering it’s free.

This was my first time synchronizing new updates after downloading the latest versions of WSUS (3.0) and I was looking forward to experiencing all the benefits MS has been touting about the new interface. Whereas WSUS 2.0 and earlier forced you to go through a Web interface and could be kind of a pain to Navigate, the new versions is administered through a very snazzy looking MMC console. This makes it much easier to view status of updates and computers, it gives greater reporting capabilites and allows for far more fluid and efficient navigation.

Overall I found the new interface to be very user friendly and intuitive and a great improvement on previous versions. One thing to note is that you will need to uninstall previous versions of WSUS on your update server before installing the new version. Take care and read the uninstall instructions carefully so you don’t end up deleting your database and log files as these can be easily imported into version 3.0. The Installer file will let you install both the administration console and the full server, and the install process is very simple. I recommend it to any Administrator out there who wants to simplify their Patch deployment and make life a little easier the second wednesday of every month.


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