Blog ressurection

July 21, 2008 at 11:45 am (Microsoft, Tech, Tech support) (, , , )

Somewhere out there I’m sure there are some statistics on how most blogs never make it past 5 posts or so. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me most blogs die after the first post. It definitely seemed like this blog was going to die a quiet death as my life and career became too hectic for me to really focus on it anymore.

Since my last post a number of things have happened. I’ve completed my Server 2003 MCSE, I’ve switched jobs from being the all-around IT guy at a small company to being a small cog in the great IT machine of a very large company, I’ve gone from being a Vista naysayer to becoming an enthusiastic Vista supporter (more on that in later posts) and I’ve rearranged my life to have time to update the blog more frequently.

Despite working in a more specialized role currently, I still consider myself a Generalist at heart. I will mostly be focusing on Microsoft technologies in the foreseeable future, but may drift into Linux, Cisco or other areas as well. The first thing I will be covering is Vista and some of the really nifty features you don’t see mentioned all too often. Yes I realize Vista was released a year and a half ago, but it really hasn’t been adopted widely in Business environments yet and  a lot of admins and techs are still unfamiliar with it, so I hope I can provide some useful information. After that I’ll be covering Server 2008, which is one of the most impressive Microsoft products I’ve ever seen.


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